Energy Max Men's Formula

Energy Max Men's Formula
Item# energy-max-mens-formula

Product Description

20 Vege Capsule Made in U.S.A.

*Helpt to nourish the kidney function and improve potency.

Ingredients: Proprietary blends 500mg of Morinda, psoralea, dang gui, godonopsis, eucommia, ru bus, lycium fruit, fleece-flower root, tribulus, cherokee rose-hips, achyranthes, cistanche, cinnamon bark, dioscorea, rehmannia, cynomorium, cornus, cuscta, schizandra, dipsacus, alpsacus, alpinia fruit, epimedium and gingo biloba. Other Ingredients: HPMC, Vitamin B1 Thiamine 1.5mg, Vitamine B2 Riboflavin 1.5mg, Vitamin B6 Pyridoxine 2mg, Vitamin B12 Cobalamin 10mcg.

Direction: take 1 capusel daily.

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