Zang Sheng Color/Perm Damage Repair Shampoo

Zang Sheng Color/Perm Damage Repair Shampoo
Item# zang-sheng-colorperm-damage-repair-shampoo

Product Description

13.3 fl. oz.(400ml)

Combining modern science and technology, this herbal shampoo is made from pure medicinal plants found only in the snowfields of Tibet. Carefully refined, this all natural shampoo aids in restoring your hairs' natural luster.

Garvi color/perm damage repair series is mad with an all natural formula. The ingredients provide excellent skin protection and nourishment. Used to effectively repair and maintain damaged hair caused by coloring and perming. Helps promote healthy, soft and shiny hair.

Ingredients: sodium fatty alcohol ether, cocoamide propyl betaine, tatty acid alkanolamide, guar gum propyl trimethyl, ammonium chloride, polyquaternium-47, silicone oil, menthol, spices, citric acide, disodium EDTA, propionic acid, collagen.

Direction: Wet hari and apply a moderate amount of shampoo. Lather and massage onto the scalp and hair. Risnse well.

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