103 Series Kings Tea(Loose Tea Leaves)

103 Series Kings Tea(Loose Tea Leaves)
Item# 103-series-kings-tealoose-tea-lea

Product Description

N.W. 150g Made In Taiwan

This product passes SGS examination and its quality is certified by CNS national standard. This product passed ISO 9001 examination.

This is the best delicious and nourishing tea. They are selected from the superior Oolong tea and the ginseng from Wisconsin state of America. When taste it, you not only enjoy fragrant aroma, but also ge nourishment of ginseng.

Brewing Direction: Warm the teapot first and add tea leaves (20g) together with boiling water (200c.c.). Then pour it out within 20 seconds for the first brew. 10 seconds for the second and the third brew. and allow an additional 5 seconds for subsequent bres depending on personal preferences.

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