Bath Slimming Gel

Bath Slimming Gel
Item# bath-slimming-gel

Product Description

100% Natural 430ml / 14.5 fl oz. Product of Japan

*Bath sliming gel contain unqiue ingredients of capsicum, triclosan, and slimming granules, which easily penetrate into your skin, reactivate blood circulation, decrease water retention, and reduce cellulite aimed to get a fabulous result of slimming, deep cleaning and purifying. Using high quality natural ingredients will spontaneously nourish your skin and avoid any artificial hram. Your skin instantaneously becomes silky and ifrm. Bath slimming gel slimp up your body and make smooth of your skin when taking pleasure in showers with grapefruit order. Let's having a perfect body and felling refreshed! This gel help to accelerates neatual fat burn, have hydrating and moisturing effect an reduce the appearance of dimpled skin.

Ingredients: natual salt, orange flower essence, capsicum, ginger, vitamin E and extract of natual essence.

Instruction for use: Apply a moderate amount of product on the body and gently massage until soap bubbles are formed, then rinse with water. Repeat use as desired.

Precaution: Do not apply this product on tender and wounded skin. Do not contact with eyes. If products goes into eyes, please rinse with plenty of water and consult doctor when needed.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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