Blood Pressure Normalizer Tea

Blood Pressure Normalizer Tea
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Product Description

24-3g teabags

T*his is a kind of purely natural healthy drink, it is extracted and refined with advanced scientific method and state of the art technological process and a good selection of various natrual materials.

*This tea is especially effective for patient with impaired liver and kidney type and apoplectic hypertension type. They usually have dizziness and headache, tinitus and fullness in the chest. The property of this produc is mild. Its main function includes clearing heat and calming the liver, nourishing the kidney and improving acuity of vision and promoting the production of body fluid to quench thirst. Pharmacological study indicates that this product only only has antihypertensive effects, but also possessess lipid, antiatherosclerosis, sedative, diurectic, (antibacterial) and delaying againg effects.

Ingredients: Semen cassiae, fructus leomun, spica prunellae, radix scutelleariac, phizoiua ligustici, chuanxiong, lumbricus, cortex albiziae and semen ziziphi spinosac, mixed with gainbir, dogbane leaf, clio county chrysanthemum and oolong tea.

Direction: Each teabag contains 3 g of raw material, take one teabag once, and 3 times daily. Put one bag of tea in one cup (250ml) bolied water for drink.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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