Digestion Soother Tea

Digestion Soother Tea
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Product Description

Digestion Soother Tea with green tea and peppermint 18-2g teabags Peppermint flavor Product of U.S.A

*This blend of green tea, peppermint leaf and other herbs soothes and stabilizes the stomach.

* The aromatic oils from the perppermint herb, fennel seed and ginger root stimulate the digestive process. Peppermint leaf relaxes the gall bladder to assure proper flow of digestive fluids. Green tea and milk thistle assists in the metabolism and elimination of dietary fats. Ginger reduces queasiness.

A warm cup of Digestion Soother is the perfect drink after any meal.

Ingredients: Green tea leaf, peppermint leaf, milk thistle seed, ginger root, fennel seed and licorice root.

Brewing Instruction: Always brew tea using boiling hot water, use 8 fluid ounces of water per tea bag. Allow the tea to steep for at least 5 minutes, then remove the teabag. The tea should be cool enough to drink after 10 minutes. You may add ice to cool the tea after the tea bag is removed. For maximum potency and safety, use the teabag only once.

Dose: Drink one to two cups after meals. It may be consumed at any time and as often as desired.

Advice: If you are experiencing abdominal pain, cramps, or other chronic digestion problem, consult your physician. This product is not a laxative.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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