Golden Lu Bao Ling Zhi / Reishi

Golden Lu Bao Ling Zhi / Reishi
Item# golden-lu-bao-ling-zhi--reishi

Product Description

100-550mg capsule Made in Hong Kong

*LU Bao Ling Zhi uses wild Chi zhi, Hei zhi, Zhi, zhi, Qing zhi, Bai zhi and Huang zhi picked from remote mountains in China as raw material and is produced by concentrating the above raw material by precise technology after screening, sterilization and purification.

*Golden Lu Bao Ling Zhi is the extract of the six Ling Zhi and it is much better than the products made from one kind of Ling Zhi, the Chinese have been using this herb for hundred of years. This pure natural food and it is suitable for people of any age and sex.

Ingredients: Black, White, Yellow, Brown, Green and Purple Ling Zhi are contain in each capsule.

Dosage: 2 or 3 pills daily. 1 Pill in the mourning and evening before bedtime or 1 pill in the mourning, at noon and evening. Taken with warm water.

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