Golden Nite Tonic For Men & Women

Golden Nite Tonic For Men & Women
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60-830mg capsules Made In U.S.A.

*This is tonic supplement is made from the best natural ingredients from 6 yearsold Korean Ginseng extract, Deer Antler(Horn) powder, Young Ji(Lingzhi/Reishi) extract and Royal Jelly. It has been demonstrated to help with endurance and stress. It is also excellent for arthritis, improves cognitive function, male sexual performance, and immune enhancer.

Korean ginseng has been extensively used for reduce cholesterol, adjust blood sugar level, enhance vigor, improve physique, eliminate chronic fatigue, relieve stress, prevent bacteria infection, and regain energy. Korean ginseng is the most effective anti-aging tonic that enhances immunity, mental responsiveness, and male sexual performance.

Deer antler powder is especially effective for treatment of arthritis and anthrolithiasis. It also lengthens life, strengthens muscles and bones, enhances blood flow and immunity, and helps healing wounds in muscles and bones.

Young Ji can restrain coagulation of blood platelets, prevent atherosclerosis, strengthen vascular walls, and relieve aches in muscles and nerve system.

Royal Jelly helps hyperlipenmia patients control fat and cholesterol in their blood serum. In addition, it also relieves fatigue and vomit, adjusts digestive system, relieves stomach ulcer symptoms, fights againg, and cures various diseases in liver, kidney and pancreas, enhances immunity and prevents rheumatic arthritis.

Active Ingredients: Korean Ginseng Extract 249mg, Deer Antler powder 24.9mg, Young Ji extract 24.9mg, royal jelly 14.94mg, 6 year old ginseng root 16.6mg, Bees Wax 41.5mg, Palm oil 166mg, Corn oil 257.3mg and wheat germ oil 24.9mg.

Usage: 1-2 capusles per serving, 1-2 serving per day.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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