Green Depigment Cream

Green Depigment Cream
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Product Description

Content contain 2-10g tubes One for morning and one for evening.

*Green Beauty Depigment Cream contains several kinds of cell-invigorating elements as well as Vitamin E, and can effectively get rid of dead cells of the skin, help to preserve the moisture content in the tissue of the skin, promote the metabolism activity and suppress the pigmentation in the skin. Moreover, this cream can nourish the skin, activate the cells, and help to make the skin look white, tender and lustrous. This cream has curative effect against speckles and freckles.

Ingredients: Hydroquinone, tretinion, Vitamin E, stearyl alcohol, cetyl alcohol, petrolatum, geluceryl-monostearate, polysorbate-80, levelling agent-O liquid paraffin, glycerin and water.

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