Headache Aid Tea

Headache Aid Tea
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Product Description

24-3g teabags All Natural Herb Supplement

*Function: Highly effective in dispelling "wind", stimulating blood circulation, relieving spasm, and stopping pain. It is agood cure for all kinds of headaches, neck stiffness(or stiff neck caused by cold or improper sleeping posture), backache, menace; or for improving micro-circulation, lowering blood disorders, or for preventing the gathering of blood platelets. So it is a best healthy drink for relieving various pains in head, neck and back.

Ingredients: Gastrodia elata, rhizome of chuanxoing, dahrain angelica root, Chinese angelica, flowers carthami, herbaceous peony root, Chinese wild ginger root, frutus viticis, levisticum.

Suggestion: 2-3 times a day, 1-2 small bag each. Just like making tea with boiling water.

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