Korean Red Ginseng Extract

Korean Red Ginseng Extract
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N.W. 30g Made In Korea

This Specialty Korean Red Ginseng Extract is manufactured and exported by Korean Ginseng Research Co, LTD(Registered Trade Mark No: 0559395) in Korea and it is certified by ISO 9001 ; 2000 and UKAS. This Korean Red Ginseng Extract is different from other kinds of Korean ginseng extract in the market which is white or unprocessed ginseng. Korean Red ginseng is specially processed with different herbs to enhance its potency and medicinal efficacy. This Korean Red Gisneng Extract is made from 6 years old good quality Korean Red Ginseng.

Active Ingredients of Korean Ginseng: Ginsenoside, Saponins, Panaxynol, Elemene, Monosaccharide, Polysaccharide and Amino acid.

*Function And Effect:

1. "Qi" Tonic, increase physical and mental stamina, help to reduce tireness and fatigue.

2. Improve circulatory system function, help adjust blood pressure and lower cholesterol.

3. Improve respiratory system function and improve immunity and digestive function.

4. Improve Kidney fucntion and sexual desire, fight against impotency.

5. Improve the appetite of children and adult.

6. Help to lower blood sugar level and good for diabetes.

7. Help tonify the Central Nervous System, relieve nervousness, stress, depression and insomnia.

8. Help to fight against drug addction and chemical dependency.

Use Direction: Take about 1 g 3 times daily with warm or cold water. For better flavor, add honey or other sweetener.

Ingredients: 100% Korean red ginseng root extract.

Condition: Brand New In Sealed Wooden Box Bottle

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