Korean Red Ginseng Tea

Korean Red Ginseng Tea
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100-2g teabags.

This Korean Red Ginseng Tea is manufactured and export by Korean Red Ginseng Kongsa Co., LTD in Korea. This Korean Red Ginseng is made from original Korean Red Ginseng roots and is different from most Korean Ginseng tea which is made from unprocessed Korean ginseng or white ginseng in the market. Korean Red Ginseng has been widely used becasue the medicinal efficac of Korean Red Ginseng in terms of Body Tonifcation is better than Korean Ginseng which means it is white or unprocessed ginseng.

This Korean red ginseng tea is made from original korean red ginseng roots. Korean red ginseng has been considered the best kind and strongest of panax ginseng and the function and effect is consider stronger and better than American ginseng and other kind of panax ginseng. Panax come from the Latin word Panacea which meas "Cure All" and Panax ginseng is the world's best known adaptogen, which means it helps the body to adapt to outside stress by normalizing and tonifying the body's processes, Ginseng is believed to increase the body's ability to utilize oxygen and is recommended to increase stamina for athletic performance and prolong longevity and improve general health.

Active Ingredients of Korean Ginseng: Ginsenoside, Panaxynol, Elemene, Monosaccharide, Polysaccharide and Amino acid.

*Function And Effect:

1. "Qi" Tonic, increase physical and mental stamina, help to reduce tireness and fatigue.

2. Improve circulatory system function, help adjust blood pressure and lower cholesterol.

3. Improve respiratory system function and improve immunity and digestive function.

4. Improve Kidney fucntion and sexual desire, fight against impotency.

5. Improve the appetite of children and adult.

6. Help to lower blood sugar level and good for diabetes.

7. Help tonify the Central Nervous System, relieve nervousness, stress, depression and insomnia.

8. Help to fight against drug addction and chemical dependency.

Use Direction: Dissove the content of 1 bag or 2 bag in either hot or cold water, add honey or sweetener if desired. Take once or twice daily.

Ingredients: Korean red ginseng extract and glucose.

Condition: Brand New In Sealed Box

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