Long Jing Green Tea / Dragon Well Green Tea

Long Jing Green Tea / Dragon Well Green Tea
Item# long-jing-green-tea--dragon-well-green-tea

Product Description

N.W. 4 oz.

This unfermented high grade famous Chinese tea is from the city of hang zhou in the province of zhe Jiang of China. This is harvested in the spring and then roasted into flat leaves.

Active Ingredients of gree tea: Flavonoids, vitamins, amino acid, polyphenol, mineral, saccaride, pectin, saponin and few caffeine.

*Studies have shown that Green Tea can help anti-aging, anti-bacteria, lower blood cholesterol, loose weight, whitenning skin and anti-ultraviolet litght damage on skin.

Direction: Put 1 teaspoon of leaves into teapot, add boiling water into teapot, let it steep for 3-5 minutes until the tea leaves drop down to the bottom, then serve.

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