Panax Notoginseng / Tien Qi (San Qi) Root

Panax Notoginseng / Tien Qi (San Qi) Root
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N.W. 4 oz.

These are top grade Tienchi notogisneg roots which is very big in size. These roots are grown in Yunnan province of China where is the original growing place that grow the best quality Tienchi notoginseng.

*Panax Notoginseng is sweet and slightly bitter in taste, warm in nature and has the effects of stopping bleeding by removing blood stasis and relieving swelling to alleviate pain. It also has the action of strengthening the function of hypophysis-adrenal, increasing the amount of leukocyte, strenghtening the hematopoietic function of marrow, strengthening the function of monocytemacrophage system, accelerating immune organic hyperplasia, regulating humoral and celluar immunity, anti-platelet arregation, reducing blood viscosity, shrink local blood vessel, facilitating blood coagulation, anti-myocardial ischemia, dilating periphery blood vessel, protecing the liver, adjusting carbohydrate metabolism, easing pain, lowing blood pressure, reducing myocardial oxygen consumption.

*Tienchi notoginseng is a specie of ginseng like American, Korean and Chinese gisneng. Tienchi notoginseng is one of the very effective and important Chinese herb in Traditional Chinese Medicine because of its unique property to clean blood vessel in the body. Modern scientific study has shown that the main active ingredients in Tienchi notoginseng are Ginsenoside and Dencichine. Ginsenoside can help to calm the nervous system and Dencichine is an amino acid that helps to stop bleeding by increasing the number of platelet formation. And this is what gives Tienchi notoginseng the property of helping blood circulation, stop bleeding and also increase blood cell.

Dosage: 3-9g, decocted in water for daily oral dose.

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