Pien Tse Huang Anti Pimple(Acne) Cream

Pien Tse Huang Anti Pimple(Acne) Cream
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Product Description

10g tube, for external use only

*Pien Tse Huang cream for treatment of pimples is made mainly from the world renowned Pien Tse Huang from Zhangzhou in Fujian. Incorporation the essence of several rare traditional Chinese medicines. The cream is made purely from traditionaly Chinese medicines and has no side effect. The cream is antipuritic pain-killer for external use. This cream can help to fight against inflammation, pain, swelling and dermatitis. A sense of soothing can be felt once it is applied.

Ingredients: Pien Tse Huang 3%, ginseng 25%, Dan Shen(red rooted salvia) 10% and substrate 62%.

Direction: Apply gently to affected area 2-3 times a day.

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