Seaweed Defat Scented Soft Soap

Seaweed Defat Scented Soft Soap
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Product Description

Seaweed defat soap Certified by ISO9001

This seaweed defat soap is honorably produced in accordance with the pioneering prescription of the International Medical and Cosmetic Association. It is made from seaweed of deep sea and consists of pure natural plants. It is nourish and has strong defating effects. Even when used on highly sensitive skin, it causes neither stimulation nor ache. The soap smells of special fragrance and its rough surface will become smooth and fine right after usage. It is suitable for face washing and bathing, and regular use of the product is good for your skin. The soap contains the rare elements of seaweed and has strong permeability, it will easily permeate the skin when contacted with the skin. It can clean the dirtiness out of capillary holes. Moreover, it can discharge the underskin fat out of human bodies successively, promote blood circulation, astringe the skin and thus make it more delicate.

Ingredients: Dried soap bar, seaweed powder, fragrance, aloe gel and water.

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