Spawellness Be Slim Warme Slimming Gel

Spawellness Be Slim Warme Slimming Gel
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500ml large bottle. Made in France

*This is a superior "Double Aciton" hot chilli sliming gel reduces subctaneous fat tissue, combats cellulite and water-retention. Its seaweed firms, trims, tones and energizes skin. It penetrateds into the skin and dilate the blood vessels to promote system circulation. The extract from the roots, leaaves and blossom of Centella Asiatica reduces the fat cells rapidly and effectively. The reddening of the skin is a sign of intensive blood circulation. After application, the skin texture becomes smooth and firm.

To use: After Oxygening body scrub or bath, apply twice daily on the treatment area, such as arms, thighs or stomach by massaging 20-30 seconds to simultaneously stimulate circulation as shuffle a sluggish lymphatic system. Thereafter, ti is recommended to use with body slimming concentrated.

Caution: Do not apply the preparation fater a hot bath. Keep out of reach of children. If the product is accidentally gets into eyes, rinse immediately and thoroughly iwth cold water. Irritation or allergic reaction may occur with some people. If occur, seek professional assistance or doctor immediately.

Patch Test before to use: Perform a preliminary patch test. Apply to a one inch square are on the inner fold of the elbow. Leave on ten minutes. Rise off with cool water. If no redness, irritation or eruption occurs after 24 hours, proceed with the application.

Note: For sensitive skin, apply a thin layer of body lotion on skin before using the product.

Use with cling paper: After massage, wrap tightly with a cling paper for 15 minutes, then rinse off.

Ingredients: aqua, dydroxy ethyl cellulose, centella asiatica, capsicum, triethanolamine, caffeine silanol, amniphylline, methyla paraben, ivy extract, sage extract.

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