Tianma Shouwu Herbal Shampoo

Tianma Shouwu Herbal Shampoo
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N.W. 200cc

*Tianma Shouwu shampoo is a highly concentrated shampoo manufactured by moder scientific method. The ingredients of this shampoo contain Gastrodia elata, Polygonum multiflorum, which are valuable Chinese herb medicine. Besides cleaning up your hair, this conditioning shampoo also helps to release one's headache, vertigo, hair cuticle damage, irritation and itching, dandruff. Through cleaning with this medicinal shampoo, its ingredients get directly to your hair roots and work out effectively. Thus your hair will restore natural beauty balance and gloriously shinny, genle. In addition, it can prevent hair lossing, hair whitening and promote hair growing and darken hair.

This shampoo is an excellent and highly concentrated shampoo which carries out special hair treatment during normal cleaning.

Composition: Tianma(Gastrodia elata), Shouwu(Pobygonum multiflorum).

Direction: Apply 6-8 g of shampoo, rub the hair gently once or twice. Rinse with clean water.

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