Tox Guard Detox Tea

Tox Guard Detox Tea
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Tox Guard Detox Tea Formula With Green Tea and Milk Thistle Made In U.S.A

18-2g Teabags In Tasty Cranberry Flavor

This special tea blend formula is made from combination of green tea, heathy herbs and delicious flavors which make this tea a pleasure to consume. The liver fuctinons as the filter for the blood to remove toxins from the human body. These toxins were caused by environmental chemicals such as second hand smoke and smog, drug such as acetaminophen or foods and beverages we consumed. *Green Tea has been consumed as a healthy beverage for thousands of years in the orient. Regular consumption of green tea protects the liver. A group of naturally occurring compounds in green tea known as catechins have an anti-oxidant effect. Green tea has a protective effect against toxins such as heavy metals, synthetic chemicals and harmful micro-organisms. *Milk thistle is a medicinal herb that is grown in Europe and North America, its seed contain silymarin, which is the active ingredient that helps the stimulation of cell RNA and DNA in the liver, therefore, it removes toxins from the liver and improves liver function and helps to prevent hepatitis and cirrhosis. Together with green tea, which excerts a mild diuretic effect to help in toxin removal, This tea would help to maintain the function of the liver and lead a healthier life.

Ingredients: Green tea leaf, milk thistle seed, hibiscus flower, dried cranberry fruit, dried apple, ascorbic acid, cranberry flavor with other natural flavor.

Brewing Direction: Always brew tea using boiling hot water, use 8 fluid ounces of water per tea bag. Allow tea to steep for at least 5 minutes, then remove the teabag. The tea should be cool enough to drink after 10 minutes.

Dose: 1 or 2 cups per day. May be consumed as often as desired. Drink extra water to help the cleansing process and prevent dehydration.

Advice: Person taking prescription medicine, those who have diseases of the liver or urinary system and pregnant women should consult their doctor before use.

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