Woo Man Tea (Best for women)

Woo Man Tea (Best for women)
Item# woo-man-tea-best-for-women

Product Description

24-3g teabags.

100% natural and caffeine free

*The charm and beauty of women depends on the regulation of Qi, the paiful distention of the lower abdomen and abnormal menstruation may give you a lot of trouble in daily life. This tea is scientifically made according to the spcial formulas of the Institute of Research on Chinese Medical History and Documents under the Chinese Academy of Traditional Medicine. Take this tea for the glowing of your female charms and for the harmony of your family life. This tea tones the blood and soothes the liver, regulating menstruation and relieving menalgia.

Ingredients: Radix rehmanniae, colla cirii asini, radix paeoniae alba, cortex ailanthi, cockscomb, rhizoma smilacis glabrae, herbs patrixiae, rhixoma cyperi , radix bupleuri, radix salviae miltiorrhize, rhizoma corydalis, radix curcumae, radix angelicae dahuricae, radix achyranthis bidentatae, and herbs leonuri, etc.

Direction: Drink 3 times daily, one small bag each in boiling water.

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